If you Own a Gym and want an endless flow of New Clients…Then You’ll Want To Buy Vince Gabriele’s…

Big Book of Marketing

For Gym Owners 

Get 557 Pages of Ready-To-Use Marketing so you can get a steady flow of new clients at your Gym 

Dear Gym Owner,

If you are interested in learning some secret ways to get more clients at your gym…this letter will show you how.

How It Started:

I was preparing to teach a marketing seminar for gym owners and gathered some of the best-performing marketing pieces I’ve personally written in the past 15 years for my gym. 

I planned on spending an hour on it…but that hour turned into 4 days. 

I spent the next 96 hours finding every successful email, ad, flier, newspaper, magazine, etc I had used to successfully promote my gym. 

The result is this 557-page monster book you seem interested in purchasing.

My Big Book is weighing down the backpacks of gym owners all over the world…

…and serves as the largest marketing swipe file for gym owners on planet Earth.

It’s a marketing idea machine for gym owners that want to ring the cash register at their gym…at any moment…with little chance of ever running out. 

This massive book is 5x heavier in actual physical weight than the average 200-page book you get on Amazon. 

While it will be a serious physical challenge to carry this book in your backpack, if used…it’ll make your wallet a lot heavier at the same time. 

For a gym owner looking to get stronger and richer…this book MUST be in your collection.

Here’s how the following types of gym owners use this book:

  • Timid Gym Owners: Ignore this letter…and do not buy the book because it’s “ridiculously expensive” …and it would be “too heavy” and “highly inconvenient” to carry around.

  • Rock Solid Gym Owners: Buy the book …keep it on their desk…and use it regularly.

  • Super Strong and Rich Gym Owners: Buy the book…keep it in their backpack at all times (weighted carries all day)…and use it regularly.

Here’s Just A Small Fraction Of What’s Inside This Monstrous Book…

  • All my best-performing Facebook Ads….ready for you to Swipe and Deploy so you can successfully promote your challenges, trial offers, holiday specials and lead magnets. Pages 28-44

  • The Exact 18 Emails I wrote that generate thousands of leads for gym owners all over the world who have run my fitness giveaway aka “the sweepstakes”. Pages 45-93

  • An obnoxious amount of emails to promote your Fall 6 Week Challenge so you can get people that have been lazy all summer to start training at your gym…Pages 106-149

  • The famous 11-day email sequence I wrote to promote our memorial day meltdown fitness challenge (...that has generated 20-30 new memberships each time for the past 7 years) in its complete entirety. Pages 193-218

  • How to build Joint Ventures with local businesses who will promote your gym for you…these templates have generated well over $300,000 in our 13-year existence. Pages 219-245

  • Every single 9 Word Email I’ve ever created…tested and proven to generate an avalanche of replies…which in some cases have created havoc and extreme tension between me and my sales guy… fisticuffs were almost thrown. Pages 13-27

  • A Wildly Successful Black Friday Promo Package that you’ll be able to use for the next decade. This package will serve as a money-making asset for your gym. Warning…Do not drink milk when reading these promotions…Pages 248-268

  • How a dumb holiday like Father's day can generate dozens of new high-paying personal training clients and all you need to do is copy and paste the lovely emails I wrote on pages 269-289. 

  • Get my Secret Joint Venture list that reveals 56 different businesses/organizations you can partner with or sponsor…that typically are never talked about in the fitness industry. Pages 119-120

  • Get my succulent list of 101 Ways to Get New Clients without using Facebook ads…which means as long as you can close your eyes and point…you’ll never have a slow lead week again. Pages 471-480

  • Finally! The only 3 ingredients you need to create a single-page flier to hang up on your gym walls when you want to promote something to your current members. Pages 359-362

  • Get the exact Lead Magnet/Free Report we used to generate thousands of leads from our website. Pages 481-503

  • A healthy sampling of the weekly communication we send to our active members which you can model to generate more referrals and drive retention at the same time. Pages 380-395

  • Newspaper Ads Galore. YES! These Work. We’ve run ads in our local paper (as recently as June 2023) that have made more money than any other offline direct marketing method used…these ads are presented in exact form and can be used for getting athletes or adult clients. Pages 504-557

  • Exact Magazine Ads including our most successful ad ever that promoted a recipe book which generated hundreds of leads. Pages 504-557  

  • A sneaky way to write headlines that cannot be ignored by using my Copywriting Guide that gives you perfect formulas…tested and proven to work so you never have to wonder again if your subject line is good enough. Pages 504-557

  • Get my word-for-word “New Mover” 3 Step Direct mail Campaign that we send to new home buyers in the area. Pages 504-557

  • How to draft the perfect sponsorship email that delivers dozens of high-quality and ready-to-buy leads who end up costing you pennies on the dollar. Pages 222-223


  • Never stare at a blank screen again with my Building an Email Template that’s only been available to my private mastermind clients and teaches you to crank out money-making emails in 30 minutes or less. Page 11-12

  • Word for Word, my most effective yet controversial email I wrote about my wife …and how you can take this same concept and use it for your own profit pleasure. Warning 2: Prepare to get some hate emails on this one. Page 436

What Fitness Industry Giants…and Some of America's Richest Gym Owners are Saying about Vince Gabriele

"One of the best fitness business consultants in the last 20 years."

Vince is one of the best young fitness business consultants to come about in the last 20 years and has created one of the best training gyms in the country.

- Thomas Plummer,

Founder of The National Fitness Business Association

"A go-to guy for the fitness business."

Vince is one of the best young fitness business consultants to come about in the last 20 years and has created one of the best training gyms in the country.

- Michael Boyle

"Anything you can learn from Vince, in my eyes, is gold."

- Eric Cressey

“From $1 million in credit card debt to a $300k cash cushion.”

We were broke, $1M in personal credit card debt, stressed, and couldn’t figure out how to make my business grow. I was hesitant to join SPF at first because all the other ‘programs’ I tried were led by a bunch of hacks. Vince changed my mind with just one call, and fast-forward two years: we are debt free, have cash in the bank, have freedom of time, less stress, and I’m a better husband and dad, and I get to vacation with my family. Our business is profitable and we are opening more locations. I’ve never been so excited in all my life.

- Tony Bianchino,

Out Run Your Fork Personal Training,

Westfield, NJ

“SPF has enabled me to build a team that has given me more freedom.”

“Before SPF, I did not have much direction in my business. Now that I’ve been in the Mastermind for some time, I can’t imagine being in the fitness business without mentors and people to fall back on for advice and direction. Don’t do this alone; I only wish I was in this group when I first started. SPF Mastermind has enabled me to build a team that has given me more freedom, and grow both my revenue and profit. The knowledge that I have learned from Vince, the SPF crew, and the other SPF members has immensely changed my business and my life.”

- Ryan Zuver,

First Capital Gym, York, PA

“I doubled my revenue.”

I was rebuilding my gym post-COVID and I was very scattered, kind of flying by the seat of my pants and throwing stuff together without being intentional and strategic while trying to ring the register. I struggled with time management, clarity, and direction around my marketing plan–everything lived in my head. I was uncertain that my investment would be worth it, but if I was gonna spend the money anyway, I’m glad I spent it on something like SPF Mastermind–an asset that has more than made my money back, and has given me a dope supportive community lead by someone as genuine as Vince. In 2019-2020 my business grew 38% and I broke $200K in revenue. In 2022 I doubled my revenue from 2021.

-Alina Rendina,

Fused Fitness, Peekskill, NY

“I was stuck between coaching every day and leading my business.”

Before the SPF Mastermind, I was stuck somewhere between the early stages of coaching every day and the endgame of leading my business without having to grind day-in and day-out, and I had no idea what to do with my leads once they showed interest in my gym, and I’m sure plenty slipped through the cracks. Though I was hesitant about joining SPF because of the money and time investment, I would say to anyone considering joining: don’t think twice. I’ve been in the group for 3 months, and I now have direction in my business and a perfect outline for gradual, steady growth.

- Arnold Kolozsvari,

Revive Fitness & Lifestyle Management,

Ormond Beach, FL

“Before SPF, I was a singular gym owner, burnt out. After SPF, I’ve got a great team and I’ve got two locations that are both thriving.”

As the only person in my business, my biggest pain point was not knowing how to make moves to get more business, and how to build a team—I felt alone and overwhelmed. SPF gives you the confidence to overcome any of these roadblocks that you have in your head through constant education; with like-minded individuals, you're sharing ideas, and creating new things all the time just by interacting with all the other members. Before SPF, I was a singular gym owner, burnt out. Since SPF, I've got a great team and I've got two locations that are both thriving.

- Kyle Newell,

Newell Strength, Hillsborough NJ

“Both my revenue and profit have doubled.”

I was working non-stop, and I was not thinking like a leader…I was just getting by. I didn’t have a handle on my numbers, so I had no clarity and a complete lack of direction. I’d been in a Mastermind group before, but that experience ended poorly, so between that and the price (my business wasn’t making money at the time), I was hesitant to join. However, I liked Vince’s authenticity, so I took a chance. Thanks to SPF, my business is in the best financial situation it’s ever been in (both my revenue and profit have doubled!), my team is extremely solid, and I have more motivation and happiness in my life. If you want to grow as a person and be more successful in life, you would be foolish not to join the SPF Mastermind.

- Noam Tamir,

TS Fitness, New York, NY

“Before SPF I was overwhelmed and had money troubles, but since joining I have clarity, a great marketing system, and clear actionable steps to grow.”

I was overwhelmed, with no clarity, and on the fence about continuing to run my business. I had money troubles, had no system in palace to handle incoming leads, and total lack of direction. At first, I was hesitant about joining SPF because I didn’t know if I could afford the monthly membership, but since joining, I’ve consistently had clear, actionable plans to work with, and have built a great marketing system that makes sure no leads slip through the cracks. The SPF group gives you clarity, guidance, and clear actionable steps to grow as a business owner and as a person.

- Nicholas Ferdinand,

NF Sports Strength, Croydon, PA

“I was struggling to make $4k a month, now we’re

making $60k a month...”

When I first started following Vince I was struggling, making about 4K a month. I had just started my gym and had no idea how to market and get people in the door. I started implementing principles that I have learned over the last couple years and now we’re doing 60k a month. Now, I have more freedom than ever.

- Dr. John Dougherty,

Conquer Fitness, Frisco, TX